Upload – Viewer Submissions

We understand that some times you want to be part of the action and show us something new. Viewers are encouraged to submit their own video, you can do this two ways as described below.

First please make sure your video meets our guidelines;

  • Videos should not be commercial advertisements or deliberately selling a product, they can include make and model and website information briefly on-screen but it is better if this information is provided in the text.
  • Video content needs to be topical, concise, relevant and of interest to SPTV viewers. i.e. keep it short and sweet and interesting
  • Please see our guides on camera angles and settings.
  • Video posts should have no black bars top or bottom (or very minimal ones) and formated for modern wide screen phones, tablets and flat screen TVs.
  • SPTV is a high quality video arena – please do not submit anything below 480 resolution or with poor sound or shaky video.
  • If it low res and ad-lib quality is all you have maybe use some clever editing, or post it on YouTube and email the link to facebook@sportpilot.tv
  • SPTV reserves the right to modify or remove descriptions, other information or the whole video post itself at our discretion without consultation of the uploader.
  • Once you post a video it will be reviewed by a moderator before being approved, if the video is not correctly formatted or does not meet the guidelines above a moderator may contact you to request you modify it and re-upload it to YoutTube. Please do not be offended, the idea is to keep the SPTV viewer submissions at a very high standard.

Is your video already on YoutTube? (recommended)

If your video is already available online you can submit a youtube link, it’s really easy! All you do is copy in the http link to your Youtube video and our website will pull all the relevant information from YouTube post and display it here, but if you want to correct some of the details you can type them in.

For this you will first need to Register an account with SPTV, then login and go to “Video” then “Add new”.

Email us the video 

If  you have some exciting or interesting video or something unique you’d like to share with SPTV viewers you can provide us your raw video footage and we can format, edit and upload it for you.

To do this please contact – viewerupload@sportpilot.tv and we will send you instructions

Got an idea for a video ?

If you think of something that would be great to see on SPTV or have a topic or question about Recreational aviation that you believe needs discussing or answering please send us an email about it – suggestions@sportpilot.tv

Note: SportPilot.TV reserve the right to remove any and all videos submitted without justification. By submitting a video you acknowledge that you are the rightful owner and/or can lawfully give permission for the video to be used in part or in whole, edited and posted on-line.




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