SPTV Episode 002 – What’s in it?

Filming for our second episode has just about wrapped up, here’s what we have planned;

  • Oz Runways Demo – Rowan takes us on a tour through this must have Electronic flight bag application for Apple devices.
  • Mounting Cameras on Aircraft - Many pilots like to film their adventures…and we’d encourage it and even have a Viewer Upload section on our website to help you show off your work. We take a look at some of the best angles to use, vibration and safety issues as well as consider recent changes to CASA regulations CASR 21.M and how they will affect your ability to mount cameras on your aircraft.
  • Solar Eclipse – Rohan Wittington from Super Petrel Australia lets us join him and his Sea plane crew on an adventure to Cairns in Queensland to use these amazing floating hull aircraft to get as close as we can to an ideal location to film this total solar eclipse. Did we get there in time? was there too much cloud ? all will be revealed in Episode 2.
  • Mad Minute – Cirrus SR22 – This high performance personal aircraft is the envy of many GA Pilots, Graham Horne shows us as many of the features as we can cramm in. Also we’ve asked an owner of one to take us for a spin and show it off!
  • AUSFLY- This initiative of the SAAA, AOPA and AWAL brings an Airshow that covers most categories of aviation including Gyros, Warbirds, Homebuilts, Vintage, Ultralight, Hang Gliders, Gliders, Helicopters. We took our cameras to the 2012 event to give you an idea of what you are going to see in this years event.

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