SPTV Episode 001 – What’s going to be in it?

We are very excited about the first SPTV episode and we hope you are as well. Here’s the planed schedule;

  • Headset Review Part 1 – We have contacted as many aircraft headset manufacturers as we can and asked them to submit models for review. The pilots of the SPTV review panel will give you their opinion of each headset as we try them out assessing their features, ability to cancel noise (passively or actively), comfort, ease of use in various environments in various aircraft.
  • Victor 1 flight adventure – This Sydney Harbour coastline flight path available to Recreational (RA-AUS) and GA pilots alike. Matt from CWF gives you a briefing on the complexities of this difficult flight plan and we show you what  flying 500ft over the water past the icons of the Sydney Harbour bridge and the Opera house is like.
  • Paddock/Shortfield landings – We go over what you need to consider when taking off & landing when there is not a mile of black available.
  • Mad Minute – We quiz Joe on the specifications of his newly arrived Bristel with a Jabiru 3300 engine.
  • NATFLY 2012 – If you missed this annual event, never mind. We captured a small sample of this Recreational aviation event in Australia to show you why you should attend next year.

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