About SportPilot.TV

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Sport Pilot TV (SPTV) is a TV show with regular episodes and also a resource website all about recreational flying in all aircraft from LSA to gyros to powered chutes.


Each episode will feature some great adventures and sights to see, including something for both new and experienced pilots. Most episodes will include stories from each of the segments below.

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Initially each SPTV episode will be available for viewing via our website and YouTube, as well as via smart TV, tablet (iPad) and smart phones (iPhone, Android etc).


The first episode will screen in Spring 2012, with new episodes to be released each month thereafter.


Training Room – offers various levels of instruction or examples of aircraft manoeuvres and flight theory e.g. circuits, radio calls.

Adventure Bound – a scenic aircraft adventure delivered in high definition from point A to point B.

Flight Line – offers practical examples of ground based aeronautics such as building a runway, navigation planning, pre-flight checks, build a flight simulator.

Grease Monkey – a look at what is required to service, build or repair an aircraft.

Convince Me – a review of a particular aircraft or aircraft equipment (e.g. headsets, GPS, apps)

Mad Minute – a quick paced quiz with an aircraft owner on the key stats of a particular aircraft and their experiences in it.

Hanger Talk – you know those outrageous stories you hear around the aero club bar? …yep that’s right!

Viewer Submissions – got a suggestion or some great footage? Own a great aircraft or have a great story to tell? We will be accepting viewer submissions (with credit given). If you have any suggestions or would like to make a submission please send us an email.